Welcome to my website

I am a Lighting Designer with a wide experience of lighting shows involving complex moving sets, dynamic physical performance, video projection, pyrotechnics and Special Effects. I have been lighting theatre, dance, and large scale spectaculars both outdoors and in more traditional venues since 1991. I also create light sculpture and illuminate existing structures. Below are a few recent examples...

One Million by Tangled Feet

Enchanted Parks 2013 and 2014

Ice Window, a light sculpture


The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, a celebratory lighting installation

Blaze - Building Animation and Street Theatre

The World Famous, produced by pinwheel

If you have a project that involves creative lighting or special effects please take a look at Lighting Design.

If you need an experienced Production Manager for a show, event or festival, take a look at Production Management and please get in touch for references.

Johnny Goodwin